Meat Moisture Meter DM300R

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Meat Moisture Meter DM300R 

Moisture content directly affects poultry meat processing, storage, trade and consumption. But unscrupulous 

traders to reap huge profits, more and more meat filling, water meat become a serious threat to the health of 

people in a big nuisance, meat Moisture Tester can quickly and accurately detect water meat.




1.It is portable, compact, easy to use and the moisture measurement readings are instant.

2.Digital display with back light gives exact and clearly reading although you stay at the somber conditions.

3.It will save time and expense by monitoring dryness and helps to prevent deterioration & decay caused by moisture whilst in storage, therefore processing will be more convenient and efficient.







Measurement object

poultry meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, etc.)

Moisture measurement range

10% to 85%

Sampling time 


Measurement error in the range 

70 ~ 78% ≤ 1.0%

Repeatability in the range 

70 ~ 78% ≤ 0.5%

Supply Voltage

9V (6F22 battery stack 1)

Power consumption

about 45mW

Instrument Dimension

about 180 * 50 * 28mm


3 LCD (with back light)

Operating temperature

-5~60 °C

Operating Humidity

< 90% RH